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What is HPP?

What is HPP?

Grace Kingswell
4 minute read

HPP: Why you'll never see our 

juices in a supermarket

Ocado came knocking...and we said no. 


You’re right, it doesn’t make much business sense, but there’s a reason you’ll never find a Presscription juice in a supermarket, or at your local health food shop or trendy cafe, and we want to explain why because, quite frankly, we’re darn proud of it. 

Next time you’re buying a healthy looking green juice, do your body a favour and check the use by date. When you read that it’s good to drink for a few more months don’t be fooled into thinking that it must be fresher because it can last longer. It actually means that the juice has been through a process called HPP. Whilst HPP juices are still miles better than juices that have been heat treated (god forbid), we prefer our juice to be just that, juice, pressed, bottled and sent directly from us to you with nothing in between. 

Let’s dive into what HPP actually means and why it’s our firm belief that the Presscription way is the best way. The first thing to clear up is that HPP does not refer to the way the juice was made, it’s a process that happens after the juice has been bottled. Herein lies our first point of contention: to HPP a juice it has to be in a plastic bottle since glass + high pressure = disaster. We are committed to glass bottles because they keep our juices fresher, are better for our health with no plastics leaching into the juice, and the health of our planet too. 

During the HPP process the plastic bottles are loaded into a chamber which is filled up with water and pressurised to 850,000 PSI. To put this into perspective the pressure that exists at the deepest part of the ocean is only ⅕ of the pressure produced in an HPP machine. This pressure is maintained for a few minutes and when the juices come out the other end they contain almost no living microbial content and can last for up to 30-45 days. In essence, the living vitality and healing properties of the juice are gone. 

Presscription juices last 3 days and they are as fresh as they can possibly be. At this point you might be thinking that the best juice must be the type that’s juiced right in front of you in a juice bar - well we’ll deviate from our HPP lesson to explain why this is a myth too. Rotary juicers, the ones where you put the fruit in the top and juice comes out almost instantly are a violent and messy way to make juice, and you also get a lot of contamination between vegetables and fruits. Cells in the fruits and vegetables are ruptured as the fruit is shredded, which spills vital nutrients and exposes the juice to air, speeding up oxidation. By comparison, cold pressing (not to be confused with high pressure!), slowly presses the fruit to yield a juice in which the nutrients are still in tact, no vital enzymes are lost and minimal oxidation occurs. That’s why they can last for up to 3 days with no need for further treatment. 

It would be easy for us to HPP our juices. We could batch press them, keep them in storage and send them our super fast to our customers. As it stands we make everything to order and anything longer than a 3 day cleanse requires us to make 2 deliveries to preserve the freshness of the juice, at our cost and not the customers. 

We are committed to remaining the freshest and purest juice on the market. Raw, living, vibrant and healing at a maximum of effort that yields a maximum health gain for you. We want to put your health first and ensure that everything from the crisp, fresh flavour of our juice even down to the type of packaging we use is never, ever compromised. 


This is why we will never HPP our juices - and you can hold us to that. 

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