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How will cleansing optimise your health? Let's talk about it.


The majority of people will find that they shed a couple pounds during and after their juice cleanse. This is because juice cleansing flushes your system of the toxins it’s holding and allows your body to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

At Presscription we like to emphasise that our cleanses are curated to kick-start a sustainable weight-loss journey. They are somewhat a gateway method to getting your body used to a healthier lifestyle. You will notice a better mindset towards food and become more conscious in your choices.

We believe this is the most sustainable way to lose weight. It not only aids your process of getting into shape but also makes sure your body stays that way instead of bouncing back.  


One of the single most impactful ways to level out your energy is to maintain a balanced blood sugar. Making choices as small as choosing to drink caffeine first thing in the morning can already hinder your levels! Riding the wave of blood sugar peaks and troughs can leave us feeling overly tired and strung out and it's a never ending cycle for some people which can be incredibly hard to break.

In order to retune your body to stop craving sugars, go for a full reset with the Sugar Detox Cleanse which contains specific functional ingredients which regulate your blood sugar level.


Your gut microbiome regulates your gut health, skin health, metabolic health, and brain health. It is essentially your second brain and it is so important to take care of it!

People tend to talk about how juicing will give your digestive system a well-deserved break. However, it goes much further than that. It helps heal your gut. Juicing fills your body with an abundance of bioavailable nutrients that get directly absorbed into your stomach lining. If you’re struggling with gut related issues - juicing is a great way to control your symptoms. Check out The Gut Cleanse for a reset.


Fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) is packed with essential nutrients. So, combining and cold-pressing them into drinkable juices allows you to intake way more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than you usually would. Think of them like explosions of nutrients that will flood your body with an abundance of nutrients and heal your body. Regular juicers tend to have higher antioxidant levels in their blood. 


Healthy skin is really as simple as being healthy from within. It all begins in the gut! Main thing to consider here is increasing the diversity of your diet. We would recommend starting with a gut cleanse to see quick, effective results. We all know how crucial staying hydrated is for healthy skin.

Also, keeping hydrated helps maintain moisture in the skin which improves elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles. Why not stock up some nutrient dense green juices to sip & snack on? That way you’re staying hydrated whilst taking on some health-promoting vitamins and minerals at the same time (and as a plus, it will reduce your appetite for processed snacks too!)

Reduces Inflammation AND Repairs Damaged Tissue

Juice cleansing cuts out the highly refined and processed foods that you would regularly consume. These foods along with alcoholic drinks and dairy tend to cause high amounts of inflammation in the body.

Taking a break from them and cleansing with the abundance of vitamins and antioxidants from raw cold-pressed juice will give your body the time and energy to repair damaged cells and tissue. If your goal is to reduce inflammation, click for our juices that contain turmeric, ginger and cayenne.


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What Our Customers Say


5 Stars

Just checked my account and realised this was my twelfth juice cleanse with you! Think that sums up what I think about the juices. I always feel lighter, cleaner, and have glowier skin. I always get compliments! Thank you and I am in no doubt that I will be back for more soon.

- Mya H

PERFECT Kickstart to Healthier Eating!

5 Stars

"Juices are AMAZING! Incredibly varied and the cleanse is the perfect start to a healthier eating and exercise regime! I had been suffering with awful IBS symptoms and the cleanse cleared these all up and I lost 5.9kg in a week and have gone on to lose another 7 since! HIGHLY Reccommend!"

- Helen M.


5 Stars

"Ive struggled for years with sugar and I've found a definite and positive difference in my cravings from the day I started this. The juices are full of flavour and to be honest I did not find any i didn’t like. The biggest difference is the lifting of the brain fog. Well worth the buy…. If i can recommend anything go straight for the 5 day plan, if you get the 3 day and want to extend this part way its not always possible due to delivery availability. Bite the bullet and go full on, you wont regret it."

- Adam S.

easiest and best cleanse

5 Stars

"I have been suffering from fatigue and frequent colds for many years now. I started ordering these juices . every week and I’m hooked! They really help strengthen my body and I can’t get enough of them. It’s literally a fool-proof and lazy-proof method to flood your body with vitamins and minerals on a regular basis. I thank God for your company!" 

- Sara J.