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5:2 Cleanse (Female)

148 reviews

Our 5:2 plan contains x 12 250ml juices and nut milks to be split over 2 consecutive fasting days. Subscribe...


5:2 Cleanse (Male)

41 reviews

Our 5:2 plan contains x 12 250ml juices and nut milks to be split over 2 consecutive fasting days. Subscribe...


5:2 Explained

what's included?

You will receive a delivery of 12x fresh cold-pressed juices made to order just for you! Enjoy x6 juices per cleansing day. The female 5:2 plan is 500 calories daily & the male is 600 calories daily. We recommend subscribing weekly for best results. Skip deliveries or cancel easily!

500 calories

Juices in 5:2 Cleanse (Female)

600 calories

Juices in 5:2 Cleanse (Male)

Don’t take it from us...

We emailed some of our regular 5:2 customers and asked them to send us a video as to why they use our 5:2 plan weekly!
Victoria, 43
Andy, 42


5 Stars
"I found this so much easier than my old food restriction habits. Now, I'm losing weight and actually keeping it off without stressing about what I eat. Perfect!"
- Bella L. 5 Stars


5 Stars
"Really enjoyed this. I did the three day signature cleanse as a first timer and lost 6 pounds. My energy levels soared and my bloating gone. The last juice of the day is to die for! Im looking forward to my next cleanse"
-Amy H 5 Stars


5 Stars
"Definitely the best juicery in London. In-love with the quality, the custumer service, the flavours and the most importantly part, the RESULT."
- Dana L. 5 Stars


5 Stars
These juices are amazing, I’m never hungry, my weight drops, I feel so healthy and it is by far the easiest way of doing 5:2 that I have tried.
- Karen K. 5 Stars


5 Stars
"This takes away all the stress. Not having to think of buying, preparing, serving, cleaning etc has been a real time and mind saver. Finally seeing results without the constant planning."
- Sophie L. 5 Stars


5 Stars
"Increased energy levels, skin is glowing, sleeping through the night for the first time in 3 years. AND losing weight without restricting so much. Everyone should give this a go!"
-Tom P. 5 Stars


5 Stars
"Each time I have tried to do the 5:2 on my own, I have had difficulty sticking to it. This plan is so easy to stick to - the juices are perfect - I don't feel hungry at all throughout the day. It is worth the cost."
- Hilary T. 5 Stars


5 Stars
"I was dreading two days of only drinking juices... I was pleasantly surprised. The juices are delicious and surprisingly filling. I didn't have any cravings and managed to go about my day without having food in my mind all the time. Sooo tasty."
- Natalie T. 5 Stars



We find it’s the most long-term weight-loss plan out there. The plan allows you to continue eating the foods you want which makes it less likely that you will get intense cravings from restriction of these foods. Generally, the majority of weight-loss plans require on-going restriction of certain foods (that we all tend to love!) It always ends up being quite unsustainable to be on these programmes as your cravings will only get deeper and deeper, creating a yo-yo effect everytime you look at the scale. 

If you would like a delivery at your doorstep consecutively, simply set up a subscription with us at checkout to remove the hassle of coming back to place an order. You can pick how often you want these deliveries and can manage them on your account!

We would recommend a weekly subscription so that you get to see the best results. However, you by no means have to force it! Schedules get busy and you can choose to receive one-off deliveries to work around your schedule instead.

The easy answer is anything you want! However, in reality, you will find that you start to crave less processed foods, even on your regular eating days. The programme is set up to help you ease your body into a healthier lifestyle. Many 5:2 customers have found themselves feeling more satisfied with healthier foods during this programme.

By juicing on your 2 cleansing days, you are allowing your body and digestive system time to rest. You know that on these 2 days, you are getting in the best, most nutritious calories you can find. And to top it all off - you don't need to meal prep! Leave it to us.

Weight loss, reduced insulin resistance, balanced blood sugar levels, decreased inflammation, decreased bloat, the list goes on...! and of course, don't just take it from us! Check out the 5:2 reviews written by our lovely customers to see the outstanding results they have experienced.

If you have an account with us, you probably already have some Carrot Coins laying around that you can redeem at any time. If not, head to the bottom left of our website to find a yellow Carrot Coin button. Simply click and enter in your details to start earning rewards on your orders! Here you will also find a referrals section that allows you to refer a friend and collect more coins.