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The Presscription Way

We bottle the most premium, raw cold-pressed juices on the market. Here’s how we stand out from the rest.


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Nutritionist Designed

All of our products are scientifically designed by our team of expert nutritionists. Each recipe is curated with the most optimal combinations of fresh produce, superfoods and probiotics to optimize the juice’s function in your body. They are made purely to set you up for a healthier, happy lifestyle.

0% Plastic 100% Glass

All of our products are sustainably bottled in premium glass bottles making them endlessly recyclable and nicer to drink from!

Our company has three simple touch points that help us reduce our carbon footprint and stay circular.

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80% Veg To Fruit Ratio

Up to 4 pounds of fresh produce cold-pressed into every single bottle. When fruit is present it's at a ratio of 80:20 veg to fruit to keeps sugar levels low. We also have plenty of fruit-free juices the juicing aficionados out there!

Juice In Its Purest Form

Unlike most juice companies, we never HPP (high pressure process) or freeze our juices to artificially extend the shelf-life.

Our 3 day shelf-life is a signal of our freshness and we make every single juice to order for each customer from scratch. So you know when you order from us, the juice your drinking was in fact whole fruits and vegetables that very same day!


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Our Philosophy

Juice Cleanses

Our juices programmed are explosions of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in their rawest form that will rejuvenate your body.

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Soup Cleanses

Just what you need to keep you cosy and nourished during the colder months. Include a combination of cold-pressed juices and warm, luscious, soups.

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Build a Box

Personalise your dream combination of our cold-pressed juices, soups, plant-based mylks and wellness shots.

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Bundles (10% Off)

Our bundles have been carefully curated according to your preferences and favourites.

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What Our Customers Say

Signature Cleanse

"Really enjoyed this. I did the three day signature cleanse as a first timer and lost 6 pounds. My energy levels soared and my bloating gone. The last juice of the day is to die for! Im looking forward to my next cleanse" 

- Amy H

Weight Loss Cleanse

"Amazing experience I had got stuck in lock down weight gain rut that I couldn’t shift I had tried paleo and other methods which hadn’t helped This is my first juice cleanse , I was worried but the hunger pangs were manageable. After the 3 days I lost 6lbs my skin looked amazing , I have since done 2 more 3 day cleanses and have recommended it to my husband who has also had great results, the juices are lovely and well balanced. What a fab discovery that I will incorporating into my life on a monthly basis" 

- Natalie D

Advanced Cleanse

"Thanks for the delicious juice!!! The best brand i've ever tried - finished my 3 day advanced cleanse, I felt less bloated, waist gone down 2cm and lost 2kg (so far no bounce back after 1 week). No sugar cravings and haven't had coffee since then! I used to drink 2-3 cups a day so that's massive change for me! Thanks again and will definitely order again!"

- Megan L

Nourish Soup Cleanse

"I did a 3 day Soup Cleanse and I am really impressed. This has been the easiest fasting/detox regime I've ever done. All the juices and soups were super tasty. I never really felt hungry and it has helped me to kick sugar cravings and binge eating into touch" 

- Michaela J