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The Freshest on The Market

Always Cold Pressed - All of our products are made using the Commercial X1 from Goodnature – the Rolls Royce of juicers. It extracts the highest concentration of nutrition. 4000lbs of pressure ruptures cell walls of fresh produce, liberating an abundance of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll. 

100% Unpasteurised - All of our juices are bottled in their rawest form. They are never pasteurised to artificially extend shelf life and protected from loss of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


Unlike others, Presscription focuses on curating juices that rely heavily on a high vegetable - fruit ratio. Our produce is thoughtfully sourced directly from local farmers ensuring we bottle the most premium juices.

We never add flavour-altering, artificial ingredients into our juices and they are immediately flash-frozen to lock in all of its nutritous goodness. With Presscription, you enjoy the benefits of fresh juice in its rawest form - delivered directly to your doorstep. 

100% Plant Powered

Everything Presscription is plant-based! We are strong believers that plants are healing to not only our bodies, but also to our planet. We encourage reverting back to our roots and fuelling our bodies with only the most natural source of nutrition - plants!

A Circular Brand

Presscription products are produced locally in the UK helping us minimise our carbon footprint and optimise freshness.

Every bottle is packaged sustainably in glass - making them endlessly recylable and nicer to drink from! We offer a seamless bottle return service that allows us to recycle the bottles for you but we also encourage finding crafty ways to reuse them in your own homes!

Presscription Most Others
High-pressure pasteurised to artificially extend shelf life No Yes
100% raw, fresh, organic, unpasteurised Yes No
Packaged sustainably in glass bottles Yes No
80% vegetable to fruit ratio Yes No
Curated by nutritionists Yes No
Made to order Yes No

Juice Cleanses

Choose from our selection of nutritionist-designed programmes that have been expertly curated to set you up for a healthier and more positive lifestyle. Our juices are explosions of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in their rawest form that will rejuvenate your body.

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Soup Cleanses

Just what you need to keep you warm, cosy and nourished during the colder months. These cleanses include a combination of refreshing cold-pressed juices and luscious organic soups. They are designed by nutritionists to set you up for a healthier and more positive lifestyle

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Build a Box

Personalise your dream combination of our cold-pressed juices, organic soups, plant-based mylks and wellness shots. Subscribe to get these delivered to your doorstep weekly. Remember, a healthy gut means a healthy mind and happy life!

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Bundles (10% off)

Looking for a quick doses of of immunity-boosting shots? Want to start off by tasting only our most popular juices? Need to stock up our selection of on creamy plant-based mylks? Seeking a way to boost your green intake? We have you sorted.

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