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CBD Oil: What's the Hype?

CBD Oil: What's the Hype?

Grace Kingswell
3 minute read

CBD oil: 

What's all 

the fuss about?





The thing about the wellness industry is that once you’re ‘in’ it, it’s impossible to get out. Every new trend or bio hack that comes on the market is instantly appealing to us as the miracle cure we’ve all been waiting for and we try out supplement after supplement in the hope of finding that fix. And what are we all waiting for most? I would happily put money on it being a cure for stress. 

Why? Because stress plays a huge part in so many of the most commonly complained about issues today, from IBS to skin complaints, anxiety, gut dysbiosis and so much more. We’re all beginning to realise just how potent a pill the anti-stress one could be - and we might just have found the answer.


Enter CBD or Cannabidiol, to use its full name. CBD has been the focus of more than 23,000 published studies relating to the following effects:


  • Relieving pain and inflammation - associated with arthritis for example.
  • Having a calming effect on the nervous system
  • Promoting cardiovascular health
  • Relieving nausea


Recently a number of high profile cases involving the use of medicinal cannabis for epilepsy and other life-altering illnesses have made it to national news, reinforcing the cannabis plant’s position at the forefront of our health consciousness. This shouldn’t be confused with CBD though, which is the non-psychoactive component of the Cannabis Sativa plant and definitely won't get you high, you still have to go to Amsterdam to do that legally, sorry!




The connection CBD does share with cannabis, as we know it, is the ability it has to make us feel relaxed and calm. This is because our bodies have an endocannabinoid system that receives transmission signals from cannabinoids in the body. This system is involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory. So taking this into daily life,  it makes perfect sense that a product such as CBD can be helpful in calming us down (the main reason it’s become so popular, because we are all stressed AF), and also for something as simple as pain relief applied topically. 


There is a huge difference in CBD products though, and the really effective ones can also come with a pretty hefty price tag, we’re talking well over £100. So how do you choose a good CBD supplement? Here are some things to look for: 


  • Check that the extraction method does not use chemicals
  • Make sure you’re sourcing it from a certified organic hemp farm
  • Make sure that the company you’re buying from is in business to help you, rather than just make a quick buck off a very popular health trend.
  • Buying from a good health food store can be a good place to start, especially if the sales assistants can give you any extra information.


Dosage wise, we’re all different. Start low and see how you feel, it can be quite potent stuff! Lastly, consider why you might be taking it. If it’s to calm anxiety or stress, could you alleviate that stress yourself by living your life in a different way? It’s always much better to treat a problem at the root cause, rather than just palliate the symptoms. 




This article was contributed by @gracekingswell Nutritional Therapist D. N. Med


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