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The Celery Package

The Celery Package

Grace Kingswell
4 minute read

Celery Package: 

The Specifics 








If you’re reading this post you’re likely thinking 1 of 2 things: “Celery is my jam”, or “I’m intrigued, but not convinced yet.” Whether you’re already a firm devotee to the morn time 500ml mono juice or not, we explored some of the health claims of drinking the earthy juice over in this recent post. If you’re still curious, try our 7 day celery juice package and decide for yourself. 

Today we want to chat about the specifics of our offering - because it’s a little different from our regular cleanse packages. 

The Bottles

The most obvious difference is that the celery package comes in plastic bottles, not glass. Glass bottles are part of our DNA; they are a proxy for quality and indicative of the fact that we never HPP our juices as that requires them to be pressurised inside a plastic bottle. 

So why are we sending you celery juice in a plastic bottle? The benefits of drinking celery juice come from a daily consumption of 500ml raw juice. Because we never treat our juices to prolong their shelf life, the celery juice, like all our others, still only lasts a few days - we also want you to be able to drink it when it’s as fresh as possible. So, we’ve designed the package to be frozen upon delivery. The idea being that we can deliver you a whole week’s worth of juice (or as many weeks as you want, depending on your freezer capacity!), in one hit and it stays as fresh as the day it was delivered because of the cold storage. 

Days 1-3 can be left in the fridge, but days 4-7 need to be frozen. The night before you wish to dose up on the green stuff, take a bottle out of the freezer to defrost and leave it OUT of the fridge. If you leave it to defrost in the fridge then it will still be partially frozen come the morning and you won’t be able to drink it. Did someone say brain freeze…?! 





Why drink it in the morning?

The ‘authority’ we have on this celery juice craze is The Medical Medium, and it needs to be remembered that Anthony William, the man behind the name, is not a health professional, and the evidence that we have for celery juice’s powerful healing properties is, at this stage, largely anecdotal. Nevertheless, we’re not ones to knock something that’s clearly helping thousands of people purely because it hasn’t been studied enough by science yet. That being said, he suggests drinking your juice in the morning on an empty stomach. The reason for this is that because your stomach is empty the digestion and absorption of nutrients will be better and more effective. 

The general consensus from those around the world on the celery juice train, ourselves included as we’ve noticed huge benefits since drinking our celery juice, is that it actually improves digestion throughout the day overall and this could be attributed to the fact that it supposedly increases bile production - another reason to drink it before you eat solid food. It’s like priming your stomach ready to tackle the day’s meals. 

When do we deliver?

If you are London based, we deliver from Sunday evening (post 7pm) through to Thursday evening (post 7pm), with 1 working days notice. This means you can start your celery package on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday and the delivery will be made after 7pm the previous night.

For deliveries outside of London, you can start your cleanse from Tuesday to Friday and all orders will arrive pre 10:30am on the morning of your desired cleanse start date. 

If you have any questions relating to the celery package, just drop us a line via the live chat feature on our website - we love hearing from you! 


Happy juicing! 



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