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Celery Juice

Celery Juice

Grace Kingswell
4 minute read

Celery Juice: Instagram trend or Bonafide health hack?


The celery juice cleanse trend is a huge point of contention right now...let's discuss!


High profile nutritionists are coming out of the woodwork condemning celery juice because it’s “95% water and completely unproven as a health aid due to a lack of evidence based studies….” 

Well, it leads me to question what’s in the remaining 5%? Why so many people are experiencing miraculous health benefits after including it as a part of their daily routine? And finally to consider whether we need a medical study to justify knowing what makes us feel good?

You are your best doctor. This is important so take it in, you are your best doctor. When it comes to chronic health conditions like psoriasis, eczema, crohn's, underlying liver conditions and sluggish digestion the likelihood of your GP being able to actually help you heal is quite slim. Rock up to the doctor’s surgery with terrible eczema that you’ve had since you were a baby, or IBS that’s making it hard for you to live a normal lifestyle and they will usually try and give you something to treat the symptoms - steroid creams for your skin and a low FODMAP diet for the digestion. 

Both these solutions will palliate your symptoms, that much is proven and they can be very good options if you’re in the midst of a terrible flare up and just need to calm everything down. But fast forward 6 months down the line and the problem still exists. It’s like weed killer - spray it onto the weed and it goes away temporarily, but will always grow back because the roots are still there. 


The phenomena we’re seeing with celery juice is that it’s actually helping people to heal the root cause of their problems. Speaking from personal experience, before qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist myself I was under the care of an incredible functional medicine naturopathic practitioner who was helping me deal with bacterial overgrowth, chronic fatigue, an underfunctioning liver and as a consequence of all this food allergies and skin complaints. I was taking digestive enzymes with my food as it was clear my body wasn’t producing anywhere near the amount of bile it needed to help break down my food. At one point she swapped these digestive enzymes for celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, as the anecdotal evidence from her practitioner network, patients and research that was starting to surface was suggesting that celery juice could do the same thing. The benefit of celery juice over digestive enzymes for digestion is that it encourages your body to work effectively, rather than just supplementing it directly with what it needs and allowing it to become lazy. 

There are now some studies showing that celery has anti-inflammatory properties, but in terms of being able to ‘prove’ that it’s a miracle cure - we are still far off. However to be honest, that shouldn’t matter too much if you’re already drinking it and it’s making you feel good - #youdoyoubabe.

The feedback from those on the celery bandwagon is that it’s helpful in calming inflammation related to IBS and other gut issues, supporting detoxification which in turn means improved liver function and overall health, helping to heal chronic skin conditions (which are related to liver function anyway), and improving energy levels. In my personal experience it’s been very helpful and it’s amazing that Presscription are now stocking 7 day celery cleanses making it super easy to try it out for yourself and make it a part of your everyday life. 

You get 7 x 500ml bottles of celery juice in one delivery, and they need to be frozen upon delivery to keep them fresh. Then, the night before the morning you want to drink a bottle you just take it out of the freezer to defrost. 

If you’ve got the freezer space you can order up to 4 weeks worth of celery juice in one hit, no juicer to clean and put away every morning, just easy, nutritious, cold-pressed juice. Due to the fact that the bottles have to be frozen the celery juice is send in plastic bottles, as opposed to our normal glass ones. 


Join the celery revolution !




This article was contributed by @gracekingswell Nutritional Therapist D. N. Med and Lifestyle Medicine advocate.


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