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Drinking Alcohol and Staying Healthy



Can we do both simultaneously? 

As the world slowly opens back up and Dry January has ended, we might find ourselves drinking more alcohol. But can we find a way to offset some of the negative consequences that come with drinking alcohol?

In traditional Chinese medicine, alcohol is known to be very heating (with whiskey being the hottest).

One method of helping counteract this, is to pair alcohol with cooling foods and drinks - just like you would have mint sauce (cooling) with lamb (heating).

A good idea would be, for example, to have a dandelion, nettle or mint tea at the end of/during a night of drinking (there is a reason why in so many Mediterranean countries they give you mint tea at the end of an alcohol and meat filled meal - both very heating!).

Dandelion & nettle are also very good for the liver as they help boost our detoxification. Plus, an added bonus - the tea itself also will mean you consume more water - all helping cure that hangover!

Lots of love,

Cassie x


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All Presscription cleanses come with complimentary teas for you to have on each day. We would highly recommend doing a consistent cleansing programme to counteract your alcohol intake and give your body the nutrients it needs.


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