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Why Citrus Fruits


Are Amazing!



  • Citrus fruits increase blood flow and circulation via hesperidin a phytonutrient they contain meaning that if you suffer from cold fingers and toes (especially now that winter is here), then you should up your intake of citrus fruits. This benefit also decreases stroke risk too!


  • The vitamin C content in many citrus fruits such as lemon increases the absorption of many other nutrients. For example, adding a squeeze of lemon into a green tea will boost the antioxidants in the tea and your absorption of them.



  • Vitamin C also helps you absorb iron more efficiently. So, especially if you are anaemic, try adding a squeeze of lemon onto your kale or lentils.



  • Citrus fruits are also great detoxifiers (lemon in water/hot water in the morning is great - cautious with your teeth enamel though). For an extra detox kick add the lemon peel (unwaxed, preferably organic) - score it with a knife/fork to get the goodness out. This releases compounds that help us make glutathione, the bodies master anti oxidant. Imagine glutathione is a little pac man in the body going around and munching away the bad free radicals.


Here's the top citrus-y Presscription products. These are a must try!


The Orange Tonic, The Amber Boost, The Green Revive, The Coco-Lemonaide, The Nurturer, The Anti






Lots of love,

Cassie x


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