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What's The Deal With Ginger?

What's The Deal With Ginger?

Nalinee Ramchandani
2 minute read

What's The Deal With Ginger



An Anti Inflammatory 


It's anti inflammatory properties helps with migraine relief, PMS cramp relief, arthritis pain.

It's anti emetic properties also helps with motion sickness and vomiting/nausea during pregnancy or from chemotherapy.



Promotes Circulation


The ginger heat benefits the cardiovascular system and relieves digestive issues.

Due to the heat, it is best to avoid eating it at night as it can cause trouble sleeping (especially if you get hot in the night).

If you are already a person who tends to heat up, be cautious with consuming too much ginger as it may worsen ‘heat conditions’ (ex. skin redness)

Highly Pungent


This benefits the lungs and respiratory system. It induces sweating and gets rid of phlegm/mucus from colds.



Promotes Blood Movement  


If you are struggling with menstruation cycles, Ginger will promote blood movement and blood flow to the reproductive organs

    A "Cholagogue"


    This means ginger improves bile flow and helps with fat digestion. It is also useful to help break down high protein food like meat or beans and lessen the effect of uric acids in the body from eating such foods (so also good for gout).




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