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Is Morning Coffee Bad For You?

Is Morning Coffee Bad For You?

Nalinee Ramchandani
2 minute read

Should You Be Drinking Coffee First Thing In the Morning?

First, let's quickly get into the science behind it all.

When you first wake up, your cortisol (stress hormone) levels are high. This rise helps you transition from your rested state to being awake.

However, consuming caffeine at this time will cause your body to produce a surplus of cortisol.

But, what's wrong with high cortisol levels?

Too much cortisol can cause an increased blood sugar, further leading to insulin resistance.

In simpler terms, this can cause you to gain weight, experience sleep problems and comprise your immune response.

If cortisol is supposed to be naturally high in the morning - why do I feel so groggy in the morning?

Well, if your body is used to drinking coffee every morning, it may have become accustomed to it. This means it is using the caffeine as a crutch, throwing off the body's natural mechanisms.

If you choose to still drink coffee...

Have it 60 minutes before or after eating.

Coffee blocks a lot of nutrients, minerals, vitamins from what we eat being able to be absorbed if consumed with food.

What should you do instead?

Here are some good alternative drinks that will wake you up naturally

1. Lemon and hot water

2. Hot broth

3. Vegetable juices with citrus for extra Vitamin C

Lots of love,

Cassie x 

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