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The Truth About Diet Drinks

The Truth About Diet Drinks

Nalinee Ramchandani
2 minute read

The Truth About Zero Calorie Diet Drinks



If I’m trying to lose weight, I should opt for calorie free drinks like diet coke/coke zero right? 


This is not quite true...


They are strong dopamine stimulators - meaning that they activate reward circuits in the brain: i.e. they make you FEEL GOOD.


Isn't that a good thing?


Nope. This feeling triggers cravings for more. These cravings don’t just stick to the diet coke, they extend to all things which simulate that same pathway - carbs, fatty, salty foods (basically all processed foods), alcohol, caffeine etc.


These cravings also have the ability to override your normal bodies signals telling you that you’re full - so you will also eat more. Remember, artificially sweetened drinks have a 47% higher risk of increasing BMI. 


Don't be fooled!


The food industry literally has something called the ‘Bliss point’ of foods that they aim for - this is the amount of sweetener/fat etc that causes the highest dopamine release in consumers!




Lots of love,

Cassie x


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Try These Healthier Alternatives Instead!


Next time you're craving something a little sweeter, make sure you are having natural sugars. These juices are the perfect options for you!


Remember, we focus on veg. So, if fruit is present in the juice you want, there is still always at least an 80:20 vegetable to fruit ratio!


Your blood sugar will not spike and you will feel way more nourished, full and clean.


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