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Let's Talk About Berries

Let's Talk About Berries

Nalinee Ramchandani
3 minute read

Let's Talk About Berries



Berries have been touted for their anti cancer properties. This is attributed to their ability to boost immune cells + decrease and repair damage from inflammation + oxidative stress. Studies have shown those who eat berries regularly also have lower risk for developing Parkinson’s.



I’m always pushing eating in season, so I’d recommend buying berries from a local market when they are in season and freezing them - studies show they still retain most of their nutritional value. 





are rich in silicon and vitamin C so are helpful to treat and repair all connective tissues. In TCM strawberries are cooling, they benefit the spleen/pancreas + improve appetite (eat before meals to treat poor digestion - bloating and abdominal pain after eating), moisten the lungs and generate body fluids. They are used for a sore/hoarse throat + to treat painful urination or inability to urinate.



Goji/Lycium berries 


are full of anti oxidants and contain super high amounts of melatonin - the hormone that helps regulate our sleeping patterns. They also protect our eyes against macular degeneration. Caution as those from China have lower than stated levels of vitamin C. If vitamin c is what you are after then red/blackcurrants are good source + are UK/Europe grown.





in TCM: benefits the liver and kidneys and helps cleanse the blood of toxins. They are said to regulate the menstrual cycle, treat anaemia, control urinary functions (including treating excessive and frequent urination - especially at night) and help induce and promote labour and childbirth. Hence, in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy - berries should be eaten in moderation (and cocoa) as they are high in anti-inflammatory polyphenols.



Raspberry leaf 


(a herb) helps strengthen the uterus, and helps if you have excess bleeding during menstruation. For pregnancy, raspberry leaf is said to help support optimum hormonal patterns.





also help build blood, treat anaemia and manage the urinary system. They also help treat diarrhoea.



P.S. try to avoid eating your berries with dairy products (cream, yogurt, milk) as it can block some of these beneficial antioxidant properties.



Lots of love,

Cassie x


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