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Juicing just got easier!

Juicing just got easier!

Grace Kingswell
5 minute read


Just got


New and improved packaging and delivery for our further afield customers!


Since we started we’ve wanted to reach people all across the UK to provide them with fresh, cold-pressed juice to boost their vitality and improve their health. We’ve been providing this service for a while but suffice to say we’ve had a few glitches with our delivery partner for those customers of ours that live outside of London. Thankfully, we’ve just switched our nationwide delivery provider and have entrusted our juices to DPD, the UK’s number 1 courier company, who have a 99% delivery success rate. Woo hoo! 

Not only will your delivery reach you at the correct time but you’ll also now be able to track the status of your delivery via a private link right until it arrives at your front door - super useful if you’ve got plans during the day and need to know how long it will be until your Presscription cleanse arrives. 

We’ve done away with the bubble wrap in the boxes and instead we’ve replaced it with gel packs so that if on the off chance you have to rush out and you opt for your delivery to be left in a safe place then the juices will stay cool and fresh. 

The Presscription ADVANCED CLEANSE (as seen above) is our most popular cleanse! It's also our leanest and greenest cleanse combining the detoxifying power of leafy green vegetables with key functional ingredients like anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger.


Do you have to drink your juices in a specific order?

When you receive your cleanse the juices will be numbered 1 to 8, or 1 to 7 if you’ve opted for the weight loss cleanse. This makes it super easy to know which order to drink your juices in. All our cleanses have been expertly designed by Nutritionists, so the order in which you drink your juice really does matter. You might be tempted to have the filling nut mylk when you start to feel hungry, but by saving it until the evening you’ve got something nourishing and satisfying to get you through the hours until bedtime - often the toughest time of a cleanse as no one wants to go to bed feeling hungry!

How can you make the most of your cleanse?

There will also be an information booklet that explains how to make the most of your cleanse and some tips for foods to avoid pre-cleanse and post-cleanse in order to gently ease your body into a detoxifying state and not shock it suddenly when you finish your cleanse. 

Before you start it’s a good idea to eliminate hard to digest and potentially inflammatory foods such as meat and dairy, and also start to decrease your intake of caffeine and alcohol - as you won't be having your morning coffee or evening glass of wine whilst you’re cleansing. Caffeine withdrawal is not a joke (trust us), and you don’t want to have to be contending with headaches as well as significantly reducing your caloric intake. 

Whilst you’re on your cleanse don’t forget to drink lots of water as well as your juices! The more hydrated you are the better your cleansing benefits will be. We also always recommend to customers to take it easy during the cleanse - less of the Crossfit and more of the yoga and gentle walking or jogging. Don’t forget that a cleanse is designed to let your body rest so that it can switch on its detoxification and repair systems - if you divert too much energy elsewhere then you don’t serve to benefit as much from the cleanse. 

Really take the time to tune in to your body - perhaps do a daily meditation or mindfulness practice and sit with how you are feeling, are you hungry, energised, tired, excited, happy? Take time to think about the fact that you’re doing something for yourself - investing into your health; it’s a pretty powerful thought. Take an epsom salt bath or go and treat yourself to a lymphatic drainage massage to increase the detoxifying pressure. 

When you finish your cleanse don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back - even if it’s just a one day cleanse! It’s as much a mental battle as it is a physical one sometimes, and when finishing you should feel accomplished and proud. Go easy with your food to begin with (don’t suddenly have a big meal as your body just won't be expecting it!), opt for plant-based foods that are easy to digest and preferably cooked food like steamed vegetables, soups and stews etc. Remember to keep drinking lots of water and slowly reintroduce foods noticing how you feel. 

Tag us on instagram @presscriptionjuice and let us know how you go!

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