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5 Tips For The Seasons Change

5 Tips For The Seasons Change

Grace Kingswell
6 minute read

5 Tips For


Into Autumn 

Has anyone else been really shocked by the leaves on the trees recently? Suddenly they are no longer green...and this can only mean one (very sad) thing: Summer is drawing to a close. In fact, as we write this, it is the second official day of Autumn. Time to take stock, hit re-fresh and brush off the cobwebs before the Winter season is upon us. 

Here are 5 of our favourite health hacks to see you through Autumn and into the cooler months:

Boost your Immune System now

The change of the seasons is a classic time to fall ill. Our bodies are so sensitive to even slight fluctuations in the weather and atmospheric pressure, and if we only paid more attention to that and slowed down when we really need to, and didn’t keep battling with gym classes, lack of sleep, too much caffeine and a hectic social calendar - we’d be in such a better place to get through Autumn without getting ill. That being’s sometimes hard to do all of the above, but there are a few key things you can do to help your Immune System during this transitional phase:

- Get quality sleep: Sleep is absolutely crucial for maintaining optimum health. Sleep is the time when our bodies go round and clear up damaged cells, detoxify the cellular waste from the day and repair and restore damaged proteins. If sleep was not essential to sustain life then evolution would have bread it out already. The fact is that we need 8 hours of quality sleep a night, and you’ll be in a much better place to ward off germs and bugs if you get it.

- Look after your gut health: 70% of your immune system is in your gut. You probably know that already but what are you doing about it? Make sure you’re eating a wide variety of gut loving foods - vegetables, legumes and fibrous foods plus some naturally occurring probiotics from fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi. Why not try the Presscription Gut Cleanse protocol too, to give yourself a head start? Formulated with specific ingredients that are proven to help boost the gut microbiome like pre and probiotics, it’s an easy way to give your immune system a little boost. 

Our gut cleanse protocol is a 2 step cleansing programme designed to help balance and support your gut microbiome whilst calming inflammation and reducing stress on the gut. Cleansing with cold pressed juices is a great way to still take in beneficial nutrients from vegetables and fruit but also give your overworked digestive system the chance to rest and relax. 


Get a killer morning routine in place

The mornings are already starting to get darker and cooler, which can make it so hard to get out of bed and start your day. We think it’s a great idea to get an inspiring morning routine in place now so that you have something to get you motivated for the day ahead, even in the Winter. A great habit to get into is getting some natural light into your eyes first thing in the morning - not through a window mind, we’re talking getting outdoors into the daylight. This is because the blue light from the sun’s rays helps to regulate your body’s circadian rhythm, i.e. your internal body clock. By exposing yourself to daylight for 15-20 minutes every morning you help to regulate your body’s production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you feel sleepy (FYI blue light keeps you awake, so top tip if you’re feeling tired in the morning is to go outside for some rays). In doing so it means that your melatonin secretion will come at the right time in the evening, allowing you to drift off into a restful sleep. The knock on effect from this is that having slept well you’ll be more lively and spritely in the morning anyway! It’s a win win. 

Do a juice cleanse

The change of the seasons is a great time to allow yourself a little space to rest and digest. All too often these days we go about our lives with such frantic speed that we find ourselves eating on the go, eating the wrong things, eating while stressed or staring at a screen and not taking the time to eat mindfully. 

A juice cleanse is a chance to still take in some incredibly beneficial nutrients from vegetables and fruit whilst momentarily taking the pressure off our overworked digestive system. This frees up energy and resources for detoxification and should have you feeling like a new you in no time. Check our our recent post on fasting here.  

We love the Presscription Advanced Cleanse as it’s low in sugar, (all our cleanses are to be honest as we follow a 80% vegetable to 20% fruit ratio, but this cleanse is particularly ‘green’), and full of deep leafy greens. 

Our Advanced Cleanse is designed for maximum alkalisation and detoxification. As our least calorific and most rigorous option, this cleanse is ideal for those looking for maximum results in the shortest possible time.


Eat seasonal 

What’s in season is what your body needs right now. Plain and simple. During the summer months we can do with a little bit more sweetness in our lives as we sweat more and temperatures tend to be warmer. However, mid Autumn through to Winter sees the stone fruits and sweet berries dry up and the apple and pear season kick in, plus all the delicious root vegetables that have been growing in the warm soil all summer. Humans have lived in tune with the seasons for centuries, eating from the land and in sync with nature. Follow these principles and your body will thank you. 

Check your vitamin D levels 

Unfortunately, we may soon be seeing the end of this glorious summer sunshine for a while, and with it our vital source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D keeps our bones strong and boosts our immune system so it’s a good idea to go to your local GP and get your levels checked to see if you might be in need of supplementation. 

And remember, as the sun’s energy diminishes so does ours - it’s natural to feel a little bit more sluggish as the cooler months come on. If that means taking more time for yourself and withdrawing a bit, then go ahead and do that. There is no compromise for good health! 


"Just completed 5 days of the Advanced Cleanse whilst working throughout, including a 3 day 12 hour photography shoot. I was not faint nor hungry yet energetic with clarity & loved being in control of my nutrition instead of grazing at the snacks table. Skin is clear, eyes bright & digestion cleared. I loved waking up with a flat tummy too! I would do it all again next week if I could! " - Florrie W, The Advanced Cleanse

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