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How To Get The Most Out of a Juice Cleanse

How To Get The Most Out of a Juice Cleanse

Nalinee Ramchandani
3 minute read

How To Get The Most Out of a Juice Cleanse


Have you been juice cleansing correctly? Let’s go through the best practices you should apply to optimise your post-cleanse results.



1) Pace Yourself



If you are a juicing beginner, don’t jump straight into a 7-day long cleanse. It will be a bit of a shock to your body and you may find yourself losing motivation early on. You are better off starting with 1-3 days so that your body gets to adjust before you go full-force. 



2) Quality First - Focus on Raw and Unprocessed



There are so many new brands popping up, it can get difficult to find a cleanse that works for you. Which juice cleanse is best? 


You should focus on cleanses that are not HPP processed and are fully raw. All of the health enzymes and probiotics that make juicing beneficial are only found in raw options. These juices tend to have a shorter shelf-life but that only means they are the freshest you will find. HPP processing artificially extends shelf-life but in turn destroys all benefits of the juice. 


UK’s #1 juice cleansing brand; Presscription juices are cold-pressed, premium, raw and unprocessed. We’ve linked some of our favourite Presscription cleanses below.






3) Look For Veg Focused Juices



It is often said that juices are filled with sugar and no fibre. However, this is not true if you choose the correct type of juices. Many brands will load up their juices with fruits. However, cold-pressing fruits will eliminate it’s fibre - which leaves you with mostly sugar. What you really should be looking for is juices that have a high vegetable to fruit ratio. Presscription Juice, for example, always has at least an 80:20 vegetable to fruit ratio. Drinking vegetable-heavy juices will ensure your blood sugar stays balanced whilst still getting in some fibre. 



4) Don't Starve



If you find yourself starving during your cleanse, get something to snack on! This does not by any means mean you have failed. Make sure to honour your body’s signals! If you disregard them, you might find yourself bingeing on your cravings after your cleanse is over. Here’s some healthy snacks we would recommend if you feel you need it:

  • Raw or steamed vegetables
  • Couple of nuts or seeds
  • Light fruits 



5) Chew Your Juice



You may have heard the saying “digestion begins in the mouth”. This concept wonderfully explains this point and should be applied in your cleansing routine. You should drink your juice slowly and even start chewing it. Doing this will activate your digestive enzymes and your body will absorb the nutrients from the juice more efficiently.



6) Stay Strong!



Remember, the goal with juice cleansing is to learn more about your body and treat it with love. So yes, do make sure you’re staying strong throughout your cleanse but you also have to make sure you are taking care of yourself. 



Still have questions? Check out this post answering the most common juice cleansing questions people have 


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