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Before The Juice Cleanse

Processed Food, Drinks and Snacks

Cut anything containing preservatives, stabilisers, colourings, flavourings and other additives.
Try fruits and vegetables e.g. carrots, celery, apples.

Caffeinated Drinks & Alcohol

Eliminate coffee, black tea, energy drinks and all alcohol, including wine, beer and spirits.
Try lightly steeped green or herbal teas and drink at least 8 glasses of non-carbonated water daily – 2 litres. Add fresh lemon juice and cayenne (optional).


Eliminate red meat, and deli meats containing nitrates and other enhancers.
Select chicken, turkey and steamed fish if you want lean protein.

Dairy Products

No milk, cheese, yogurt or ice cream.
Try soy-based substitutes. Tofu, bananas and avocados deliver the same creamy texture you crave.


No wheat! Say goodbye to breads, cereals, pastries and pasta.
Try wheat free goodies, brown rice, ryvita, and oat or polenta porridges.

Condiments/Cooking Oils

No Processed sauces (i.e Ketchup) and fried/oily dishes.
Use Fresh herbs and spices, and extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.


Avoid eggs, peanuts, (this includes peanut butter!)
Substitute with almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, coconut.


Avoid sugary products and sugar itself.
Choose a portion of ripe fresh fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.