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After the Juice Cleanse


hile cleansing is a great way to detox and give your system a fresh start, it’s also about learning to incorporate long-term, healthy habits. Extend the benefits of your cleanse by continuing the same morning routine of lemon in warm water. This is a wonderful way to gently wake up the digestive system, and hopefully something that you may feel motivated to continue with on an on-going basis.

It is extremely important to ease yourself back into eating whole foods gradually. If you were to break the fast with a buffet of pizza, red meat, refined sugar and fried foods, you would cause incredible stress to your now-clean digestive system.

For the first day a fruit salad is a great choice for breakfast. For lunch, choose options such as a beautiful cleansing salad or nourishing soup, or some steamed vegetables. Sip on coconut water and/or filtered water throughout the day.

From day two you can include gluten free grains such as quinoa, buckwheat, millet and brown rice. After that, feel free to slowly introduce dairy and other animal products into your diet.

Set yourself up for success by stocking your fridge with lots of lovely fresh produce, in particular the highly alkalising varieties such as green vegetables, lemon, fresh herbs, and avocado. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi would be welcome additions, not only for their cleansing properties, but for their beneficial effect on gut health.

Treat this opportunity as your “clean slate”, why eat unhealthy foods and reverse the progress you have made? Enjoy your food, not only for its taste, but also for the nutrition it is flooding your body with. Know that you are treating your body right and that you are in control of your life!