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Why So Some People Lose More Weight On a Cleanse?

Why So Some People Lose More Weight On a Cleanse?

6 minute read

Why do some people lose more weight on a juice cleanse than others?

We’ve all heard it so many times: Weight loss is just a case of calories in vs. calories out, but we’ve all got that friend who’s able to eat whatever they like and not put on any weight at all - it’s frustrating and doesn’t make much sense. So we thought we’d address this question of why some people lose more weight than others on a juice cleanse because, despite being a really effective way to drop a few pounds, some of our clients are left feeling frustrated when they don’t get the results they’re after. So, let’s discuss…

1. Genetics and Weight Loss

Sometimes it’s no one’s fault how much weight you lose, it’s your genetic predisposition and metabolic rate that decides for you. Remember that friend who can eat anything and still stay slim? Or the gym buddy that finds it much easier to retain muscle mass? They’ve won the genetic lottery and there’s not a lot you can do about it. Some of us naturally burn through calories faster, some of us retain more muscle and stay lean, and some of us carry a bit more weight that’s harder to shift. If you’re in the latter category then don’t panic, there are things you can do to boost your metabolism so that you burn through calories quicker. Have a read of our recent blog post: 

Five Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally


2. Gut Bacteria and Weight Loss

Is there such a thing as skinny gut bugs? Well - almost. Studies have shown that slim individuals that don’t struggle with weight gain have a higher proportion of certain types of bacteria in their gut, and one of these is the species known as Akkermansia. Akkermansia can feed on the mucus that lines our gut wall (sorry, it sounds quite sci-fi and gross but it’s true!), which encourages the production of more mucus and strengthens your intestinal barrier. Conversely, a weak intestinal barrier has been found to be prevalent in overweight individuals. Akkermasia also produces acetate, a short chain fatty acid (SCFA) that helps regulate appetite and body fat stores. 


To boost your levels of Akkermasia, and other healthy types of gut bacteria, make sure you eat a diet rich in prebiotic foods and lots of fibrous plants. Particular foods to support Akkermasia are cranberries, black tea, flax seeds and rhubarb. 


3. Muscle Mass and Weight Loss

More muscle mass = more weight loss, hence why any fitness regime designed to effect weight loss needs to include some form of resistance / weight based training. If you’re at the beginning of your health journey, have never really exercised before, and have a lower population of the weight-loss friendly gut bugs due to poor diet then you’re going to be at a disadvantage, and might not notice results as quickly as others. Don’t be dismayed though, a juice cleanse is still a fantastic way to ‘take out the trash,’ and hit the refresh button. Use it as the catapult that really starts your weight-loss journey, start building some muscle mass, then next time when you come to do your detox you should hopefully make more progress. 


The Presscription Weight Loss Cleanse has been carefully formulated to gently nudge the metabolism, balance blood sugar levels, maintain nutrient levels and boost energy. 

"The juices were all amazing! Amber boost was my fav! Cooking for the family was my tough time but started a routine of taking myself off for a bath while they ate! I actually weighed myself today and I’m 7lbs lighter. Thanks guys!" - Amber F

4. Stress and Weight Loss

Being in a stressed state is counter-intuitive to losing weight, and here’s why: When our bodies are in their fight or flight mode there’s really not a lot else going on apart from fuelling our muscles with glucose so that we can escape from danger and making sure the brain has an adequate supply of energy so we can think clearly. In fact, when our bodies are under threat, such as they are when we’re stressed (remember, humans have adapted to have only one stress response, despite modern day life’s multiple different stressors), we’re actually much more likely to store fat than lose it - because who knows when we might need a nice supply of energy to keep us going if we’re fighting for our lives? So doing things to ease your mind, calm stress and inflammation in the body and chill out are a great adjunct to a cleanse or a weight loss journey. 

Have a read of our post on Beeja Meditation to calm your mind and relax your body. 



5. Water Retention and Weight Loss

Sometimes when we’re trying to lose weight but we’re not seeing any results it can be because we’re holding onto water weight. If you notice a puffiness to your skin, particularly around the ankles and other joins then it’s well worth doing a few easy things to help support your lymphatic system. A lymphatic drainage massage is a great option, but you can get the same results at home by dry body brushing, rebounding (jumping up and down helps encourage the flow of lymph around the body which is a vital part of toxin removal), and by including ome red clover tea into your diet - great for boosting the lymph! 

Read it: Could Dry Body Brushing Save Your Life?


So what’s the bottom line?

Like so many things in life, weight-loss is complicated and it’s going to be different for everybody. The bottom line is that a juice cleanse is a great place to start if you want quick, achievable results, but to ensure you maximise your weight loss potential have a think about the points above too. It's important to remember that we're all individuals with our own  genetic makeup, gut microbiome, stress levels and body composition. Once you can tap into that subtle understanding, you’ll be flying! 


Happy Cleansing! Team Presscription. 

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