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The Alarming Toxins in Your Home

The Alarming Toxins in Your Home

Grace Kingswell
6 minute read

The alarming 

sources of toxicity 

in your home.

I was talking to my subscribers on Patreon this week about toxins and the most common sources of toxicity in our lives, and they were surprised to hear that the air inside our homes is often more polluted than the air outdoors (depending on where you live of course). It made me think that I should round up some of the non-edible sources of toxicity in our lives that could be doing us significant damage without us even realising it (and also give you some solutions while I’m at it!). 


These days we get so fixated with what we put into our bodies from a health point of view that we completely forget that the air we breathe, what we run onto our skin and the products in our homes (like furniture) all play a significant part in our overall health.

We each have a different ability to biotransform and excrete toxins. The lucky ones amongst us take after Kate Moss and detoxify at an alarmingly fast rate, able to go from cocktail party to office to another drinks party without batting an eyelid. For the rest of us, it takes a lot more effort to eliminate toxins and we might feel hungover after just one drink. The ‘Kate Moss effect’ is an easy way to explain this differing ability we all have to detoxify adequately, but it’s not just about alcohol. 

You might notice that you get headaches easily from petrol fumes when you fill up the car, or nail polish, or wall paint when you’re doing some home DIY. These are all signs that you’re sensitive to environmental toxins and need to take extra precautions. That being said, we all need to take extra precautions even if we fall into the Kate Moss category because regular exposure to harmful chemicals in our environments can make us more susceptible to illness, disease, fatigue and ultimately weaken our endogenous defence systems. Our bodies already deal with a huge amount of toxins daily that come in via our food, that are the product of cellular processes within the body and from oxidation  reactions within the body, so it’s important to take the pressure off in other areas of our lives. So where are these hidden toxins coming from? 

1. Furnishings: New sofas, new wooden furniture, carpets (predominantly made of plastic these days), curtains and pretty much any non-natural or non-naturally dyed item that you might buy for your home. 

2. Furniture (like cheap sofas for example) have been shown to off-gas formaldehyde in the first few weeks and months after they were purchased. Unless your home is well ventilated, i.e. windows open, you’re going to breathe that right in. 

3. Home cleaning products: This one is probably the most obvious and in some ways the easiest one to ‘clean up’ (excuse the pun). Especially as we’ve all gone man disinfecting everything at the moment the chemical particles in the air we breathe inside our homes has risen dramatically. These toxic sprays contain many endocrine disrupting chemicals too (hormone-disrupting), and I recommend anyone dealing with hormonal issues to ditch them straight away.  

4. Personal care and beauty products: It will come as no surprise to you that women are much more badly affected in this regard tan men. Just think about the number of different products that we’ve applied to our skin even before we’ve had our breakfast? Shower gel, moisturiser, deodorant, perfume, make-up. Who knew toxicity was a gendered issue! Oh and toothpaste! 



Great results mind and body!

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So what should you do? 

Make some sensible swaps of course! Natural alternatives that really work are easy to come by these days, and by making them you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re supporting your body’s own defences: your immune system, your propensity to contract a chronic illness, your energy levels and likelihood of getting fatigue, your hormonal cycles and for women yes this means PMS, painful periods and irregular cycles (because plastics in your environment either via food wrap or storage or in cleaning products and cosmetics will be wreaking havoc with your cycle).

It’s a frightening world out there, and manufacturers don’t give a damn about your own personal health - so the onus is on you to clean up your environment. Here is a list of a few of my favourite products and brands that are safe, toxin-free and really work: 

P.s for all things beauty I recommend you visit as it’s a great one stop shop for organic and natural skincare and make-up 



Household Cleaning 

And don’t forget candles! The devil’s work unless they’re natural! 



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