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The Mental Health


Forget gym workouts, reformer pilates, spin classes and Barry’s bootcamp, the newest (and most effective) workout to hit London is a combination of mindfulness mixed with high intensity interval training (HIIT) on a rowing machine: ROWBOTS. 

It’s not every day that a gym or fitness studio places as much emphasis on your mental health as they do your physical appearance, and we think it’s a pretty refreshing, and much overdue, addition to the fitness scene. 


ROWBOTS workouts are programmed by a team of mental health professionals, sports scientists, elite sportsmen, life coaches and psychotherapists, and they’re supported by British Rowing and Go Row Indoor. And why are we telling you all about it? Because right now Presscription customers can get 20% off all the ROWBOTS classes! So let’s delve in and find out why you might want to try a rowing based workout for a change…


The Milk Make-Well

Our favourite part of The Advanced Cleanse (as shown above) is the Milk Make-Well. We start with raw almonds, soak them overnight in filtered water until they’re plump, and then slowly cold-press them to extract a fresh, creamy almond milk that’s alive with complex flavours and natural nutrients. We soak our almonds to deactivate enzyme inhibitors, thus preserving nutrients and micro-organisms, bringing the nut to life! Then we blend it with medjool dates, vanilla bean, himalayan sea salt and alkaline water. SO GOOD!

How is ROWBOTS a mental workout as well as a physical one?

Rather than categorising their workouts into physical and externally orientated categories such as “upper body burn” or “build a booty” or other such frivolities, their classes are themed around specific growth mindsets: The RESET class dispels anxiety by challenging limited belief systems and low self-esteem. It’s a cardio-focused, full body class designed to reset your system and boost endorphin levels. The ACTION class instills a growth mindset, lifts your mood, enhances motivation, and empowers you to get on with the task at hand. It’s a strength training class focusing on the upper body that is all about taking action.


Is ROWBOTS the same as spinning, just on a rower not a bike?

Not exactly. It’s similar in the sense that it’s a class based workout, so you get the buzz from being in a room full of people all exercising to the same rhythm but Rowbots have added expertly curated lighting, sound and scents to help you take your workout to the next level. 


It’s also more intense than spinning. The rowing machine is arguably the most intensive machine on the gym floor and used correctly can combine both HIIT and resistance training, helping you to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. It also works 85% of your body and activates all the major muscle groups. One of the reasons we’re such fans is because you get all of these epic benefits whilst still being a low impact workout with minimal damage and impact to joints. 

Ever heard of Neuroplasticity? 

The ROWBOTS team are seriously pushing the boundaries of conventional ‘gymming.’ Not only have they made the main focus of their fitness practice mental health, but they have taken the latest research surrounding mental health and exercise and combined it with the concepts of neuroplasticity. What’s that you ask…

Neuroplasticity is the ability to form new pathways and connections and change how it’s circuits are wired. In other words, doing something enough or in a way as to rewire your thought patterns and your neural pathways for the better (i.e. more positive). 

“In addition to all of this there have also been studies, specifically related to rowing (Schücker, Jedamski, Hagemann and Vater 2015) that show how not focusing on the movement actually improves physical performance. So by focusing the clients at ROWBOTS on their Mental Health, their physical capacity might also improve, it’s a win win situation. By moving their attention off the intensity of the physical exercise and on to their minds, getting their mental capacities changing, we encourage the possibility for expansion in both body and mind.” - ROWBOTS founder 



As we see it, there’s no reason not to give ROWBOTS a try, especially as you can currently get 20% off all class packages by being a Presscription customer! 

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