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Easing Your Way Out Of Lockdown Eating

Easing Your Way Out Of Lockdown Eating

Grace Kingswell
6 minute read

Easing Your

Way Out Of

Lockdown Eating

As the social distancing restrictions are loosened this week we’re beginning to think about easing ourselves out of our lockdown eating habits with a lot of self-love, compassion and kindness. Whilst daily ‘Quarantinis’, comfort carbs and copious amounts of banana bread have been fun for the short term, we’re actually really excited to take the opportunity of getting outside more and being a bit busier again as a cue to clean our act up! 

Of course, if you’ve felt your best on a diet of pasta and wine over the last few months then ride on! The goal, after all, is always optimum health, vitality and feeling good! But most of us might be feeling a little sluggish thanks to a bit more alcohol than we’re used to, less movement and let’s face it, a lot of stress. 

So in this post today we’re going to talk through a few little hacks that you can use to get yourself feeling like you’re ready to come out of hibernation, albeit slowly at first! 


Increase your intake of phytonutrients. 

Every different colour in food represents a different phytonutrient and therefore different vital components to improve our health. Phytonutrients are plant chemicals, typically in place to protect the plant from predators (although don’t worry, they have a protective action in humans). They are typically antioxidants (eg resveratrol in purple foods or lycopene in red foods), and help the body reduce oxidative stress, inflammation and boost immunity. A great way to remember to include lots of different phytonutrients is to ‘eat the rainbow.’ 


Try Fasting for more energy and better detoxification

Fasting is so beneficial for health. It allows the digestive system to rest and frees up energy for other vital processes within the body, and one in particular called autophagy. Autophagy is the process whereby the body goes around cleaning up damaged cells - essentially cleansing itself of oxidative damage that can lead to serious health concerns later on. Our favourite way to fast is to do it intermittently by allowing 16-18 hours between dinner and breakfast. You can expect better digestion, more energy, decreased inflammation and better sleep among many other benefits.

Give your health-kick a head start with our Weight Loss Cleanse, and shift a few stubborn pounds while you're at it! Packed with beneficial nutrients, this is one of our most popular cleanses and will have you feeling lighter, vibrant and more energetic!

"Brilliant product. Didn’t think I could do 3 day cleanse and now wish I had done it for 5 days. Never felt better and after a bit of a lockdown load. I feel lighter. Happier and with loads more energy" - The Weight Loss Cleanse

Cleansing with cold-pressed juices

Juice cleansing is also a form of fasting but emphasising the caloric restriction element rather than a total avoidance of food. It’s a fantastic was to kick-start any health journey as not only do you get the benefits of fasting (increased energy, a rest for your digestive system, detoxification etc), but you also still have the added benefit of consuming an abundance of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals from delicious cold-pressed juices. The Presscription juice cleanses have been specially formulated by Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton to gently cleanse the body and bring about real therapeutic benefits. We even have cleanses for specific concerns: Gut Cleanses, Sugar Detoxes and Immunity Boosting cleanses. All of our juices come in glass bottles to preserve their freshness and are never heat treated or tampered with to extend their shelf life in any way - just wholesome, vibrant, deliciously fresh produce, bottled.


“The gut cleanse was incredible. I did a three day cleanse and was so surprised. My skin was brighter, eyes bigger and I just felt like I had more energy. Wasn’t ever hungry, haha I did miss chewing foods though but I forgot about it as the flavours were so yum!! Highly recommend it to anyone that feels their gut has been sluggish or you’re feeling bloated. I feel so great!”

 - Arielle, Gut Cleanse


Swap comfort carbs for organic whole grains or paleo alternatives

We all know that white, refined carbohydrates aren’t the healthiest choice, especially as they wreak havoc with our blood sugar. Why not try swapping your white pasta for an organic brown rice pasta? Or try a paleo, whole foods approach to diet for a couple of weeks whilst you’re getting back into the swing of healthy eating. If you’ve kickstarted your healthy eating with a juice cleanse then you’ll find it easier to make the swap from high carb meals to nutrient dense alternatives with lots of healthy fats, quality sources of protein and loads of veggies. Try starting your day with our celery juice before breakfasting on quinoa porridge, poached eggs on paleo bread or coconut yoghurt and summer berries! 


Swap your Quarantini for a skin-glow tonic

Rather than just deciding to stop drinking wine, why not swap the wine for something that’s going to actively improve your health and the look of your skin too? If the 5pm Quarantini was an important ritual for you, then make this your new healthy habit! This cocktail is simple: Leafy greens, antioxidants and collagen. To make this super easy for yourself, why not stock up on Presscription’s green juices and simply add a scoop of collagen powder (don’t worry, it disintegrates into nothing and is completely flavourless too). You can always spike it up with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of sparkling water to make it feel more fancy! Your skin will thanks you! 


Why not try our celery juice package? Enjoy the powerful detoxing benefits of celery juice by drinking one 500ml bottle every morning on an empty stomach, then go about your day as usual. We deliver our cold-pressed celery juice frozen, and you can order up to a few weeks worth in one hit. 

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