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Dos & Don'ts of Celery

Dos & Don'ts of Celery

Grace Kingswell
4 minute read

Dos and Don't of Celery Juice

The world has gone mad for Celery Juice. Pretty much every A lister we know of is on some sort of celery juice kick, and with so much press and instagram coverage it’s pretty tempting to get out the juicer at home and give it a go.

So there you are, happily juicing away on a Tuesday morning, decanting your celery, cucumber and lemon juice into your….oh wait, stop right there. Don’t even think about adding anything extra to your juice giiiirl. The Medical Medium has a thing or two to say about that…

Here are the most common dos and don’t of celery juicing:


Well happily for us, we were the first London juice company to bring out a celery cleanse and we’re pleased to say that we’re sticking to the rules as laid out by the guru himself, Anthony William. Apparently, adding anything else to the juice completely strips it of its healing properties. Everyone else selling a celery cleanse is adding lemon because it makes it tastier, and surely it’s a no brainer - lemon is good for us too right?! Well yes but no. The supposed miracle ingredient in celery juice is the sodium cluster salts, which, according to the Medical Medium, get neutralised when other ingredients are added. It’s these vital salts which do all the nutritional heavy lifting so we thought we’d stick to the programme and make an unadulterated celery juice.


The detoxifying and therapeutic benefits also come when you drink at least 16 ounces a day, which is 500ml. Our celery juice comes in 500ml bottles, and to our knowledge we’re the only ones selling it in this larger size at the moment. Are people worried that they just wont sell a huge bottle of celery juice because it’s not very flavoursome? Probably, but we’re here for the HEALTH not the 500ml it is.


The Presscription Celery Juice Package (as seen above)


The benefits come from drinking the juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and not mixing it with food. One of the things that the Medical Medium says that celery juice does it to kill pathogens or bugs in our bodies (like an overgrowth of some bad gut bugs for example). It makes sense that to rid your body of these you need to not mix the substance that’s fighting against them with a food source that they could use to sustain them. He recommends waiting at least 20-30 minutes before eating anything else after drinking your juice. It’s also important to note that celery juice is not a meal replacement - you still need to have some breakfast to power you through the day.


It’s logical to think that if you were to eat some celery then you’d be getting the same amount of nutrients as you would from juicing it, if not more as you also gain the beneficial fibre. The thing is that you’d have to eat a whole bulb of celery, the equivalent of 500ml of juice in order to do so and that might overload your digestion, if not just make you really fed up of celery. Anthony William also writes that the potency of celery is much stronger when the pulp is removed.


In an ideal world, yes. But who’s actually got time in the morning to juice a whole bulb of celery and then clean the juicer (by FAR the worst job in the world). Whilst drinking the juice fresh is obviously ideal, the Medical Medium does say that you can freeze it and store it for convenience. That’s what we’ve done with our Celery Package. You can order up to 4 weeks worth of juice and it comes in freezable bottles which you just defrost overnight when you want to drink it. Hassle free celery juicing for the super busy.

What are you waiting for? Try the Celery Package for yourself and reap the benefits! 

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