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Buddy Up For Better Results

Buddy Up For Better Results

Grace Kingswell
7 minute read

Buddy Up 

For Better Results

Imagine a scenario where everyone you knew was doing a juice cleanse. Social occasions evolved around wholesome picnics where everyone sat around happily sipping green juice and chatting rather than guzzling lukewarm prosecco and processed supermarket food. It would be so easy right? And totally normal. 

The number one difficulty that we see with juice cleansing is people wanting the health benefits but unsure as to whether they can actually go through with it because it will be “too hard.” For the majority of our customers the actual juice part is easy, they rarely experience hunger and they feel energetic and alive. It’s the fear over whether they can bear to drink juice for a few days when everyone else is out at a restaurant, or the anxiety over having to field comments at work about how silly a juice cleanse is from people that look like they could really use one that’s hard!


You know that what you’re doing is going to have a positive impact on your health, but explaining it to others, forgoing social occasions and worrying that you might slip off the juice waggon because someone offers you a piece of cake at work, is what, we think, is truly is the hardest part about cleansing. 


So why not buddy up? Strength in numbers! 

Often we get husbands and wives doing cleanses together because it’s going to be impossible for one person to watch the other eat pasta for supper whilst they’re drinking green juice. And you know what? It’s the people that cleanse together who give us the best feedback. They always find it easier, more effective and get better results and it’s made us realise that cleaning with a buddy is a really powerful way of getting the most from your juice cleanse.


So here are a few reasons why we think buddying up for a juice cleanse is a great idea:


Made me feel great about my myself!


"This was my (& my husband's) first ever juice cleanse! I suffer from IBS & was really looking forward to this to give my digestive system a rest. The juices were delicious & super filling. I was surprised by how good the "green juices" tasted as well. Both of us were missing eating food around lunch time & were eyeing the almond milk but it was totally worth the wait. The shots were delicious too & the "Energise" left me wishing for an entire bottle of it. My favourite juices have to be the Orange Tonic & the Almond milk. I was never hungry & never low on energy (even did my usual 9 km walk + home workout!) I also experienced zero bloating over the entire day & the cleanse left me feeling super healthy/fit. The delivery& packaging were perfect too. I really look forward to doing this cleanse again & trying more of your juices. It definitely made me feel great about my body & mind!"

-Sneha S


  • Studies have shown that you are 65% more likely to achieve a goal if you commit to someone. This is why Personal Trainers are so much more likely to get you to achieve your fitness goals, because self-motivation is harder to find than taking orders from someone else. Not only that but our brains are constantly working against us in these scenarios, trying to find the path of least resistance.
  • For example during an epic workout you’ll constantly feel like you want to stop because you’re getting signals all the time from your brain saying that your body is in danger because you’re exerting so much energy (again, it all goes back to that fight or flight stress response). Or when you’ve got to 4pm and consumed less calories than you usually would during the day your brain will sense that and make you crave carbs for a quick calorie injection. Once you’re well into the swing of your cleanse things become easier and just like clockwork, but having a buddy for solidarity during the first day can be hugely helpful to keep you on track. 
  • You might well learn more about how your body works if you talk it through with someone else that’s undergoing the same process. So often these days we shy away from conversations involving bodily functions and we jump at the opportunity to palliate symptoms (for example a headache), rather than sit with the discomfort and tune into what’s actually happening in our bodies (dehydration, bad posture etc). We recommend that on a cleanse you avoid taking non-essential medicines, caffeine and cigarettes to really allow your body the chance to cleanse and heal. Talk through how you’re feeling with your buddy or cleanse partner, what similarities can you notice and what differences? And what can that teach you about the unique way that your body works? Try and carry that awareness with you beyond your cleanse. We could all improve our health so much by listening in a bit more.
  • Let’s face it, you’ll have way more chance of convincing others that you’re onto something (and not just ‘weird’) if there’s two of you to fight your corner! Health really is wealth, and the more of your loved ones that you can convince to give cleansing with organic, cold-pressed juices a go the better. If there’s one thing that Covid has taught us it’s that the health of our immune systems is absolutely fundamental in maintaining good health and protecting us from illness. 
  • You’re both equally as responsible for the success of the other. If you give up on your cleanse then the likelihood is that your cleansing partner will too, and then you’ve ruined it for both of you! So the drive really is there to succeed, stay strong and get through it together! 
  • Someone to celebrate with when you’re done! If those around you don’t really ‘get’ you wanting to be healthy and do a juice cleanse, finishing it can be bitter-sweet as there’s no one to give you a well done. You should be hugely proud of yourself for finishing a juice cleanse, it’s a tough mental challenge as well as a physical one. Cleansing with a partner means that you can congratulate each other and celebrate together once you’re done! 



So what do you think? Have you been on the fence about doing a juice cleanse but think you might now be able to persuade your best friend to do it with you?? 


Here are a few reviews from couples that have cleansed together to convince you! Happy cleansing! 


"My husband and I did the three day weight loss juice diet and feel great after it. I lost 4kg and have now carried in with a healthy diet of fresh fruit and veg. Thank you Presscription" - Emma, Weight Loss Juice Cleanse


"All the juices are tasty and one can actually taste the ingredients of the juices. I didn't have problem with needing extra apart from these juices. They are quite filling. The customer service is high standard. your questions and request will be responded pretty quickly, which gave me an assurance to go on with PR.  Now I am looking for my 4th month juicing!!" - Kimi, Signature Cleanse

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