Some equate cleansing to changing the oil in your car engine after your car has been through a number of Kilometres. Cleansing is like giving your internal “engine” a new start. Even if you pride yourself on living a healthy lifestyle it is virtually impossible to escape the toxins in our modern world. We are exposed to harmful substances all the time; they’re in our diet (pesticides, herbicides and mercury) and in the very air we breathe (disinfectants, car pollution, cigarette smoke) to name a few.

When these chemicals accumulate, they hinder your immune defences and may be linked to other health issues such as fatigue, bloating, allergies, skin breakouts and depression. In ideal conditions the body organs can remove the majority of these toxins naturally. However with today’s modern and non-ideal lifestyle, our organs of detoxification (liver, kidneys, colon) become overworked, causing the toxins to remain inside your body longer than they should do which can lead to a number of health problems.

A Presscription juice cleanse accelerates and enhances this natural detoxification process by flooding your body with nutrients from the purest source- nature’s own kitchen. We only use local, fresh produce to minimise contact with harmful pesticides & toxins and maximise your wellbeing.

Get alkaline! Our alkalising juices also target pH imbalance. Over acidity is very common today due to the nature of our diets and foods we consume on a regular basis. When your blood is acidic it gives rise to an internal environment conducive to disease! The way to combat this if through high alkaline foods. Our juices are packed with plenty of alkaline rich foods like spinach, kale and cucumber. A Presscription juice cleanse will help balance your blood and make you more alkaline..keeping you healthy and strong! A pH balanced diet, according to many health experts, is a vital key to health maintenance.

Here are the top reasons why people are motivated to cleanse:

  • To break unhealthy eating patterns (if you find yourself addicted to caffeine, sugary or fried foods)
  • Have a few stubborn kilos to lose
  • To improve liver and kidney and colon function
  • If you’ve found your skin has lost its ‘glow’
  • For sharper mental focus and reduction in ‘brain fog’
  • To oxygenate and alkalize our bodies (our bodies thrive in alkaline conditions)
  • If you suffer from repeated colds or chest infections
  • Have joint pain, stiffness, or headaches
  • Have trouble sleeping