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The Truth About Dairy / Cow's Milk



When I say the word “calcium,” what’s the first thing you think of? My guess is that you envision a nice tall glass of milk, right? 


Well, one of the biggest nutrition myths is the belief that we have to have dairy milk for strong bones.


So... what's the truth? 


It is highly acidic and actually break bones down instead of strengthening them. You're needlessly toxifying your body!


Bones need a complex set of ingredients to be healthy (not just calcium). They also need Vitamin K and magnesium.


Dairy is not only lacking in these nutrients, but it also leaches nutrients from the bone (the opposite of what we want).

The Healthier Sources of Calcium


We should prioritise plant-based calcium sources! Interestingly, absorption and utilisation of calcium in the body is 2 times higher from plant-based sources compared to from dairy milk


Here are some to consider...



Should You Be Supplementing?


Supplements of Calcium are shown to be Ineffective at preserving bone mineral density and come with side effects (kidney stones, soft tissue calcification), better off getting good amounts of sunlight and plant based calcium sources.



Lots of love,

Cassie x


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